A Day at the Seaside

Handmade, blown-glass creates an 'arranged marriage', of beautifully contrasting colours evoking memories of sandcastles, warm waters and sunshiny days. Needs a special space. Yellow - 17cm diameter by 9cm high, creamy orange - 21cm diameter by 10cm high and, Turquoise - 24cm diameter by 10cm high. Commissions undertaken.

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Neil just loves to make glass.      He is a glassmaker,  that's his passion.    

The work seen on the website has been made using traditional glassmaking techniques.  

The process begins by gathering molten glass from the furnace,  using age-old traditional

glassmaking tools,  mouth blown,  hand shaping and forming, annealing and finally  the hand finishing. 

At the end of this labour intensive process, you have work meticulously made,  focussing on attention to detail, 

craftsmanship and excellence.    "Bespoke",  is a word often overused, but describing the work 

made by Neil Wilkin, it is essential.    

Original, handmade glass has a life and feel of it's own.  It's Incredibly tactile - what's made by the hand, feels good in the hand -

and it delivers a special resonance which "lingers".  These stunning art glass bowls and centrepieces have all that plus!    

The colour envelopes the work and when you add more light,  more life enters and the colours 'ripen' before you.   

It's then you will fully see the quality and feel a greater sense of appreciation for the work that has been so skilfully made.